MY Education

We are a team of educators delivering unsurpassed, individualized lessons to students

More than a tutor

We are professional educators with classroom experience in a wide range of subjects. We push students to think deeper, and have fun doing it.

Subjects we teach

Learning that sticks

Our teachers make learning fun and practical, building towards higher levels of understanding.


We have years of experience in public and private schools, with educational backgrounds from premier universities.

Our instruction is

Students learn through movement, visualizations, manipulatives, and project-making
Open-ended, real-world problems and situations cultivate flexible thinking
Aligned to content standards
Content can be chosen to ensure students meet and exceed grade-level expectations, supplementing what they do in the classroom

Online and offline

Take lessons from us online from anywhere in the world, or visit us in-person, with the option to switch anytime.

We are based in Media, PA for in-person lessons. We also serve Delaware County and surrounding areas if you need a tutor to come to your home.

Meet the Teachers

Michael Porter

Certified K-6 teacher
MSEd, University of Pennsylvania

Yutao Song Porter

Program Director at Tianjin Julliard School
MA, Central Conservatory of Music

Learn, beyond

“Can anything be said to be easy or hard? With effort, what is hard becomes easy; with neglect, what is hard stays hard.” Peng Duanshu (1699-1779)
“天下事有难易乎?为之,则难者亦易矣;不为,则难者亦难矣。” 彭端淑(1699-1779)