ACT & SAT Prep

We offer ACT and SAT preparatory lessons for high school students. Lessons run for 45 minutes and can be done either online or in-person. Lessons are intensive: we cover a lot of material in a relatively short amount of time, and it is important that students also devote time outside of the lesson to applying course concepts.

While there are plenty of expensive test prep programs around, obtaining a high score simply requires understanding the test, and spending the time to apply this understanding to a wide range of test questions. The former we learn in class; the latter we practice together and then you practice by yourself. Along the way, we may also uncover and review weak areas that students have in the underlying content on the test; though it must be noted that most of the challenge of the ACT and SAT is not from them containing super-advanced content (because they don’t: see below).

These two things—knowledge of the test and fluency in applying this knowledge to different questions—are the tools to obtaining a high score. Unlike some test prep companies, we do not charge more for packages that aim for a higher score. During our lessons, we give you the tools, and then you practice them with us until you can consistently answer questions correctly. The more you apply the strategies we give you, the more you will improve. YOU get to decide what you need based on your progress and style of learning, without having to sign up for expensive packages you may not need.


per lesson

4 lesson commitment:
Includes official SAT or ACT preparation book

8 lesson commitment:
One lesson free (8 sessions for the price of 7)

Enjoy flexible scheduling. Schedule lessons once or twice a week, every two weeks, or any other time that is convenient to you.